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    Here's what you'll get:
    - A Full day seminar (9:00 am - 4:30 pm) with an experienced North U instructor
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    - Every participant receives the updated North U Tactics Disc or Flash Drive (you choose which media you prefer!) for home study and review.  Its the same media we use to teach the course.
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    - Option to add the North U Tactics book to your enrollment for an additional $20 - Saving you $5! (Books will be handed out at the seminar)
    - Current US SAILING Members will receive the member discount.  Number must be included in registration to get the discount.
    - Risk Free Pre-Registration.  Full refund if you cancel.

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    North U. Racing Tactics

    The North U Racing Tactics Seminar is offered as a one day course focusing on Strategy, Tactics and Rules.

    Race and Win

    North U Racing Seminars "Turn sailors into racers, and racers into winners" by teaching the techniques used by the world's top racers. The emphasis is on practical straightforward ideas that will help you win. The revised curriculum presents that latest in Racing Strategy and Racing Tactics using an interactive multi-media format which allows you to learn and test your new knowledge at the class.

    Wind & Strategy

    The Seminar teaches how to predict wind, wind shifts and current and then shows how to design a winning strategy from your forecast. You learn how to make the most of changing conditions through proper positioning on the race course. And using our exclusive Wind Shift Simulators, you experience the impact of windshifts upwind, and observe breakthrough insights on the impact of windshifts downwind. In addition, you will also see the effect of current and learn proper positioning to take advantage of changes in current across the course.

    You will learn how to build a strategy prior to the start, develop a starting plan, and then follow the strategy around the course. You also learn to evaluate your strategy in progress and then revise or abandon the strategy as conditions warrant.

    But that is not all.  Our study of strategy will also prepare you for races when you cannot anticipate changes in conditions (as if that ever happens).

    Rules & Tactics

    We use tactics to implement strategy. For each leg of the course we will look at the tactical tools and weapons you need to implement your strategy. Of course, you can't play the game if you don't know the rules. The rules shape and control tactics. The North U Tactics Seminar teaches the rules and their underlying principles. You'll see how the rules work and understand how to resolve the conflicts and transitions between the rules as positions change. You learn which positions allow you to keep clear air and control your own destiny, which positions leave you vulnerable to attack, and which positions you can use to thwart the efforts of your rivals.

    North U Tactics Book & Disc

    The North U Racing Tactics book (7th Ed) covers racing tactics, strategy and rules. Written by Bill Gladstone, the 180+ information-packed pages serve as both a seminar text and comprehensive reference. The new edition covers the latest in racing technique, including the current rules, in a graphically driven format which facilitates easy recall. This edition also features insights on wind and windshifts that will change your understanding of both upwind and downwind performance. In addition, North U Tactics explores tactical approaches for catching up from behind (just in case you don't lead all your races all the time). North U Racing Tactics - the most complete text on modern racing tactics.

    The perfect companion to our acclaimed book is the new fifth edition North U Racing Tactics Disc. The course is taught using the North U Racing Tactics Disc. The Disc puts tactics in motion with diagrams, animations, photos, photo sequences, and hours of video! The Disc also features our exclusive interactive Wind Shift Simulators and Tactical Situation Maker. With the simulator, you can set up your own scenarios to learn proper positioning for wind shifts both upwind and downwind. The Tactical Situation Maker allows you to create and analyze tactical situations of your own design.

    The full Tactics Seminar-on-Disc that we use to teach the course is included with the class. Complete with a voice over by the author, the Disc is a great way to review the course at home, and it's the next best thing if you can't attend.

    Top Instructors

    Not every great sailor is a good teacher. Our seminar leaders combine outstanding racing skills with years of teaching experience. The focus is on your sailing, not their sea stories.

    Host A Seminar

    Scheduling is now underway for the 2015 season!

    Click here to download a PDF on how you can host a Racing Tactics Seminar in 2015.

    Class Outline (Course runs from 9:00 - 4:30)

    Race & Win
  • The Racing Hierarchy
  • Heads Up!
  • Tactics and Winning
    Race Prep
    • Tune up, Test the course, Plan your start
    Starting Strategy
    • Where to Start
    • Approaches
    Starting Tactics
    • The Start
    • Avoiding Common Pitfalls
    • Starting Rules
    Upwind Strategy
    • Wind and Wind Shifts
    • Wind Shift Strategy - none, one, two, many...
    • LEPs, leverage, catching up
    • Tracking and Predicting the Wind
    • Current - myths debunked!
    • Local Knowledge
    Upwind Tactics
    • Wind Shift Tactics
    • Tactical Principles
    • Tactical Course Management
    • Mark Rounding Tactics
    • Extend Your Lead
    • Weapons
    • Upwind Rules
    Downwind Strategy and Tactics Strategy
    • Tacking Angles and Wind Shifts
    • Downwind Windshifts - one, two, many, building!
    • Where are the Shifts?
    • Current
    • Tactics: Attack and Defense
    Mark Rounding and Finishing
    • Downwind Rules
    • Mark Rounding Rules and Tactics
    • Finishing Rules and Tactics
    • Boat Handling
    • Boat Speed
    • and Tactics