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    Additional Items Available To Include With Your Seminar Enrollment

    North U Racing Trim Book - By Bill Gladstone
    To win races, you have to sail fast!

    North U Quick Trim Guide - By Bill Gladstone
    A waterproof guide designed for onboard use!

    North U Racing Tactics Book - By Bill Gladstone
    To win races, you have to be smart!

    North U Tactics Disc - By Bill Gladstone
    The Tactics Disc with Video and exclusive Wind Shift Simulators and Tactical Situation Maker!

    Learn the Racing Rules DVD - By David Dellenbaugh
    America's Cup veteran and US Sailing Rules Chairman David Dellenbaugh hosts this outstanding 2 DVD set to help you to understand the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing.

    Understanding the Racing Rules Book - By Dave Perry
    Includes the complete text of the 2013-2016 Racing Rules and US Sailing Prescriptions.

    ** Item prices for Canadian Seminars include VAT.

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